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Tipografia Legatoria Brogi Florence, Italy

Fortunato Brogi created the Brogi Printing Office and Bookbinder's in 1920. Notebooks, books, folders were hand-sewn by women, and transformed into precious objects. The preparation and composition of lead fused characters, as well as the finishing print with cameras, was carried out in the artisan master's style.

Tiziano, a third generation Brogi, picked up the family's art and tradition and chooses to cultivate and keep the fascination of hand made articles. He defies modern times where computer technology is also a substitute for creativity and imagination.

After almost a century in Florence's historical center, the rooms annexed to Palazzo Martelli, which were used by Ditta F. Brogi, became museum due to a Cultural Affairs Ministry request. The firm was forced to move to Via Massaccio 23/r, bringing with it the atmosphere and warmth of the old tradition. The telephone number is +39 055 581221.