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Trattoria Da Burde Florence, Italy

"Burdèl" was the nick name of people, originally all from Romagna, selling pigs. One of them, called Barducci, started a wine-shop in 1901, called "Da Burde" and which was then in Via di Peretola. The final move to the present Via Pistoiese took place in 1927.

Barducci's nephew Turiddo took over and also inherited his nick name. With his wife, Irene, he was a living monument to the vocation of inn-keeper.

Originally, everything was sold here, including whips and oats for horses. Today they still sell delicacies like sopressata, finocchiona, and typical plates from the true Florentine kitchen and paintings depicting the adventures of Pinocchio adorn the wall.

The telephone number is +39 055 317206.