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Live Music Florence, Italy

One of the best things about Florence is that it is so steeped in music, art and architecture. There are numerous bands and performances taking place daily in Florence.

AUDITORIUM FLOG has been around for 10 years and the music sessions that take place are huge crowd pullers. It is mostly frequented by rock fans and those who like really good alternative music. Bands from across the continent show up here to play and DJ sessions also take place here. It is usually on from June to September, starting in the night and going on till the mornings.

From Monday to Saturday the Jazz Club on Via Nuova de' Caccina in Santa Croce, receives tons of visitors and jazz fans. Live jazz is hard to find but here you can find everything from traditional jazz tunes to more contemporary and alternative variety. Open jam sessions take place all Tuesday nights. Be sure to check this place out in Florence.

Stazione Leopolda in Fratelli Roselli on the outskirts of the city has become very popular in recent years for rock concerts. It was originally a really big railway station that now plays host to rock shows, concerts and fashion shows.

PALASPORT is another famous venue where concerts and shows are held, it accommodates 7,000 people. Watch out for posters and flyers to catch the local shows.