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Walk down Via dei Neri, 25/r, into the illustrious Artpell Coke which was situated on the main street before. Let your fingers run over finely crafted leather goods, beautifully finished luggage and hand bags that were imaginatively named, like, 'diligenza' or 'stage-coach'. You can even find the much-sought after hat boxes and stylish accessories such as hand-riveted fibers. You will be magnetized by the handiwork and workmanship as time casts a spell over you. Cocumelli Evangelista has been maintaining the magic of leather since 1979 with an original character that specializes in hand-dyed and vegetable tanned Florentine and Roman leather. Acquiring Artpell Coke bags, vests, leather jackets, hand bags, a varied range of professional bags and hats has become a prestige issue with its careful and detailed craftsmanship.