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Warm and cosy with the aroma of tobacco clinging to the atmosphere, the Bar Tabacchi la Posta has changed but still has the same ambience. Situated on Via Pellicceria on 24/r, the shop was structured and in business from 1900 in front of the Doney restaurant on Via dei Lamberti. With central post porches, it was much larger with a travel agency tucked away at the back of the building. Besides a café, tobacconist and a pool room, the Bar Tabacchi la Posta had a basement where the game of Pallai was played. It still bears the markings of its score lines which demarcate the perimeter of the game. By the end of the '40s, this charming place was made smaller with two structures built on Via Pellicceria and Via dei Lamberti with only the café and the tobacconist still in operation. Restored to re-capture the old ambience, two platforms were added for tables where the inhabitants and visitors can relax with a leisurely cigar and a steaming espresso.