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Touch up your family portrait with innovative materials. Bizzarri was started in 1842 by Bizzarri on Via Condotta, 32/r. It was first begun in Piazza Signoria where the Banco Ambrosiano has taken its place now. As a family business, Bizzarri was moved to its present location on Via Condotta, 32/r in the year 1962. At first they sold materials to photographers, artists and restorers. Now with the influence of the modern age, the shop caters a spectrum of materials which include raw materials, waxes, resins, solvents and pigments used for restoring treasured antique furniture, monuments and great paintings. Its range encompasses a variety of compounds for varnishing string instruments and glass besides chemicals used in smaller units of workshops and laboratories. As an old esteemed organization, the Bizzarri also extends its products to prestigious clients like the Government Service for the Fine Arts, famous artists and the oldest photography studios that use the Bizzarri for special treatments, baths and fixers.