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Weekly Markets Florence, Italy

SAN LORENZO MARKET: From Piazza S. Lorenzo to Via dell'Ariento, all around the Basilica of San Lorenzo (in the very historical center of the city) you can find probably the most important market of the city. Just walk around searching for clothing, articles in leather, souvenirs, etc. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Mercato Centrale Market Florence, ItalyMERCATO CENTRALE: Stalls inside the San Lorenzo central market, in Via dell'Ariento you'll find the best food market of the city. Walk in and discover. It opens every morning from 7.00 to 14.00, except for Sunday and public holidays. In winter it is open only on Saturdays and days before holidays.

Sant'Ambrogio Market Florence, ItalySANT'AMBROGIO: Located in Piazza Ghiberti and Piazza Sant'Ambrogio, the market is either indoor or outdoor. Just walk around it and discover fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes, flowers, shoes and house ware stands, then enter on it if you're searching for fresh meat or fish, pasta, general groceries or good cheeses. All this is bound to make you hungry. So grab a seat in the inside restaurant which serves excellent food that is far from being heavy on the pocket. The market it's open every weekday (except for Sunday) from 7 to 14.

Mercato Delle Cascine Market Florence, ItalyMERCATO "DELLE CASCINE": Situated in the very beautiful Parco delle Cascine (the bigger "park" of Florence) each Tuesday morning opens (from 7 to 14) the probably biggest and cheapest market in town! If you're searching for fruits, vegetables, clothing, general groceries, house ware stands, antiquities, telephone cards, shoes and whatever you can need than come here.

Marcato Delle Pulci Market Florence, ItalyMERCATO DELLE "PULCI": This famous flea market is located in Piazza dei Ciompi and it's opens (every day from 9 to 19.30). If you're lucky to be here on the last Sunday of every month you'll see that stalls running into the surrounding streets. On it you can find furniture and objects from the past, prints, coins and jewellery. You can also find affordable treasures amidst the bric-a-brac and dusty books. It's worth a trip if only to get insights on Italy's past through the artifacts displayed in these cluttered stalls.