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Academia Gallery Florence, Italy

The Essence of Art

The Accademia Gallery situated on Via Ricasoli, 60, exhibits the genius of the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo of the Lorraine House who drew together all the drawing schools of Florence into an Academy in 1784. He also founded a gallery of earlier paintings which would facilitate the study of the Academy's pupils. This is still found in its original setting in the Hospital of St. Matthew to which other buildings have however subsequently been added.

The Accademia Gallery was originally established in 1563, in Europe, as the first school in Europe to teach the fundamentals of drawing, sculpture and painting. Notable for its fine collections, the Accademia Gallery has been considered the depository of all the other galleries and is a museum in its own right, of paintings and sculptures.

As you enter the Accademia Gallery, you come across a long hall which has been dedicated to Michaelangelo, which is lined with his passionate work, the 'Slaves' or 'Prisoners'. Along with other masterpieces of Michaelangelo, Saint Mathew and the Four Prisoners takes pride of place. The Pieta of Palestrina brought in a controversial attitude as it was sculpted by one of Michaelangelo's students. The Accademia brought in an ambience of by-gone beliefs both moral and religious. Fra' Bartolomeo, Andrea del sarto and Perugino's paintings display the glory of the 16 th century talent and imagination. Amongst its best known exhibits, the Accademia displays its series of Brussels tapestries which portray the Story of Creation forms a beautiful backdrop to the most awesome collection of paintings, sculptures and other artifacts from an ancient world.