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Davanzati Museum Florence, Italy

Housed in the palace of the same name the Davanzati Museum is one of the few surviving examples of the typical Florentine 14th-century home and is halfway between a medieval tower and a Renaissance palace. The façade, typical of the period, is decorated with the large 16th-century coat-of-arms of the Davanzati family.

The furniture, paintings, tapestries and household objects are the furnishings of the house of a noble Florentine family from the 14th to 17th centuries. Also notable the numerous paintings with profane and religious subjects, including the important triptych by Lorenzo Monaco, The Madonna and Child with Saints from 1410, the 15th-century tondo titled Il gioco del civettino by the Master of the Adimari Chest and Joseph being led to prison by Francesco Granacci. Among the sculptures, the Bust of a Boy by Antonio Rossellino, as well as two busts of emperors belonging to the school of Della Robbia.