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San Marco Museum Florence, Italy

The San Marco Museum occupies the oldest part of a Dominican monastery rebuilt by Michelozzo from 1436 to 1446 by appointment of Cosimo de' Medici the Elder. San Marco Museum - Florence ItalyThe building is a enormous complex with all the sobriety and elegance typical of Florentine Renaissance architecture.

The building has an extraordinary collection of paintings by Fra Angelico who lived and lived in the monastery in 1387 and 1400-1455. These include the Annunciation and stories from the life of Christ and the Crucifixion.

A number of the ground-floor rooms house a remarkable collection of panel paintings by Fra Angelico. The best of these are the Last Judgement, the Linaioli Tabernacle, the Deposition, and the Silver Wardrobe. The San Marco Museum also houses a number of works by Fra Bartolomeo (1472-1517), including a famous portrait of Savonarola.