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Monsummano Terme (PT) These are in caves !

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Offereing therapies and treatments for beauty and curative purposes also such as : Mud-Baths, Massages, Inhalation Treatments, Warm Grottos, Irrigations, Bathing Therapy, Peripheral Vascular Disorders, Hydropinic Treatments, Massotherapy, Osteopathy, Nutricion consultation.

Dermatological consultation, Oriental techniques, Water therapies with or without ozone Aerosols, hot-humid inhalations, nasal douches, Thermal pool, Hydro massage, Medical check up, Beauty service, Aesthetic face and body treatments, Energetic techniques and fitness, Cosmetic line, Antitiredness treatments, Revitalise and beauty programmes, Dermatological and gynaecological treatments, Rehabilitation, Neurarthritis.