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Great Place

just a few words to tell you that, as you told me, we loved our stay in the beautiful Pandolfini Villa !!! It's a great place and the owners were charmant with us. We hope that we'll be able to go there once more to spend more time. Thank you for making our reservation possible. Have a nice day in Signa that we know now.

Most beautiful places

holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Delightful holiday

We have just returned home to the UK after three wonderful weeks at Villa Pandolfini. I can't describe to you the wonderful feeling when we pulled up the beautiful drive on that first day - the villa took our breath away. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place, and the apartment is wonderful -beautifully restored and obviously so well loved. Opening the huge doors onto the loggia in the morning made my wife feel like a Renaissance princess,she says! Signora Tosca was so charming, helpful and kind - we wanted for nothing.She even put salt in our dishwasher for us, and her comment 'you are onholiday, everything must be right' just reflects the care and kind attentionwe received. Please pass on our thanks for what has been a restful, delightful holiday

Had a lovely time

Last year, in Septmeber, my boyfriend and I rented out Villa Tosca on the Villa Pandolfini estate in Lastra a Signa for two weeks. We had a lovely time, and the owners, Mr and Mrs Mario Brogi, liked us very much and gave us many gifts of fruit and wine. I wonder if you have a vacancy for the villa or another villa on the same estate for 2 weeks sometime this summer? July would be best. Also, I wonder if the price is the same - it was 1200 Euros for the villa per week I seem to recall, although i can check that as I still have your booking form.
Dr Leyla

Beautiful Villa Pandolfini

Our stay at the beautiful Villa Pandolfini is something all of us will remember for the rest of our lives. It was everything I had anticipated and more. All of you were delightful to be with, from Mr. and Mrs. Brogi, yourself,and though I didn't meet him, Massimo (through his newsletter) and Renata.Especially delightful was Tosca, Marita, who exuded the old-world Italian charm whenever we were forturnate to see her. On our last day, she showed us the Ballroom, Banquet room and kitchen which were, to say the least, the highlight of the villa. Just awe-inspiring! We enjoyed living in the local community for our short stay; meeting and shopping at the stores and eating at the local restaurants. If we had more time, we would have liked to hike up to the top of the hill behind the villa to see what was up above us. Some things which you might consider for future guests, from and American point-of-view are: We were especially thankful that Mario helped us the last day we were at the villa and our taxi did not come. He cheerfully drove us and our luggage to the airport in-time to catch the flight to Paris. However, Nancy and I missed the Paris conneciton and stayed overnite at a hotel outside the airport and came home the next day. The terminal collapsed 24 hours later. Mario not only drives the tractor with skill but he gave us a lesson in driving Italian roads like a Grand Prix driver.

Best of all

Best of all and most importantly our homes are your home away from home. "The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it"
Ralph Waldo

A great holiday!

Lovely farmhouse, fantastic location, spectacular views, excellent hosts. Surrounding area lovely. Do visit Lucca, San Gimignano & Siena. Advance tickets can be purchased for Uffizzi ,otherwise horrendous queues. A great holiday!

A Paradise!

Beautiful house, great area- a paradise!
R&N Pepel


"THE TUSCAN EXPERIENCE" A distant train's whistle, a church bells chime do set the heart assail and release the mind as a petering breeze, blows mint and rosemary to the hills life seems to be nothing but beauty : surreal Florentine streets of history, and the language of the people with every church tower; with every church steeple beckons my return, one day to this ville, my hideaway on the hill.

warmth and wonderful Hospitality

We would like to thank the hosts for their warmth and wonderful hospitality
Perel Group